1. Happy Birthday, Me .
    Abe Linx

  2. Blood, Sweat & Kush
    Robb Skee, Hood Rich Keem, DJ Jodeci

  3. Q&A (Questions & Answers) - Single
    Tully C.

  4. D.R.U.G.S Reloaded Chopped Not Slopped
    Slim K, Lafa (Abe Linx, Robb Skee & Tully Cicero)

  5. Let There Be Smoke 2 Mixed & Hosted by DJ Champ
    Robb Skee

  6. Smoke & Mirrors
    Robb Skee

  7. Negro Leagues 2
    Robb Skee, DJ Jodeci

  8. In A Real Way Prod. Zaytoven
    Robb Skee Ft Trajik

  9. Loosies 4
    Abe Linx & Tully C

  10. Loosies 3
    Abe Linx & Tully C

  11. Loosies 2
    Abe Linx, Tully C

  12. Loosies
    Abe Linx, Tully Cicero

  13. Whole Lotta (Prod. MTF MOB)
    Abe Linx

  14. $hine (Prod. MTF MOB)
    Abe Linx

  15. Flippin (Prod. By RicAndThadeus)

  16. HU$TLIN' (Prod. By RicAndThadeus)
    Abe Linx

    Tully C (Ca$h Gordon)

  18. Juice (Freestyle)
    Tully C

  19. Old Me featuring Robb Skee
    Tully C. (Ca$h Gordon)

  20. WORK Prod. Storm Watkins
    Tully Cicero

  21. Negro Leagues Hosted by B-Swift
    Robb Skee

  22. Trapped Out Prod. Swift The Gift
    Robb Skee Ft. Amani Tre Niner

  23. No Days Off Prod. Swift Da Gift
    Robb Skee, Maxie

  24. Winnin' Prod. Young Kros Beats
    Robb Skee

  25. Reign Supreme
    Abe Linx & Tully Cicero

  26. Reign Supreme: The Codeine Version 1.0
    Abe Linx, Tully Cicero & DJ Jodeci

  27. R&R: Reefer & Relaxation
    Abe Linx & Tully Cicero

  28. R&R: The Codeine Version 2.0 4/20 Edition
    Abe Linx, Tully Cicero, DJ DNyce

  29. Late Nights EP
    Abe Linx

  30. Money Is The Topic Prod. Klimeks
    Abe Linx & Tully Cicero

  31. Million+ (Prod. KLIMEKS)
    Abe Linx

  32. TRL Prod. Young Kros Beats
    Abe Linx, Robb Skee

  33. D.R.U.G.S: Greatest DJs Edition
    Lafa & DJ Pimp Cee

  34. D.R.U.G.S: Daily Ritual Under Green Sativa
    Lafa (Abe Linx, Robb Skee, Tully Cicero)

  35. Doja Prod. Dee Greene

  36. So High Prod. Beat Busta Ent

  37. Do What I Gotta Prod. Swift The Gift
    Robb Skee

  38. Play$ (Single) Prod. Keazy
    Robb Skee

  39. Let There Be Smoke (Chopped & Screwed)
    Robb Skee, DJ D Nyce

  40. Let There Be Smoke
    Robb Skee

  41. letemknow Prod. Ahwlee
    Abe Linx & Tully Cicero

  42. 96 Bars Prod. Rapohnelizenz
    Abe Linx, Tully Cicero, The Pope Adrian Bless & Chuck Mason

  43. Pardon Me (It's ME)
    Tully Cicero

  44. EASY
    Abe Linx & Tully C. Featuring Trajik

  45. #HDFU Prod. Dee Greene
    Abe Linx & Tully Cicero

  46. Sunset (Remix) w/ Future 5ive
    Thomas Crown Featuring Abe Linx & Tully C.

  47. Desperados Featuring Trajik &Tully Cicero Prod. DJ Burn One
    Abe Linx

  48. Back 2 Back (Freestyle)
    Tully C (Ca$h Gordon)

  49. 10 Crack Commandments (Freestyle)
    Robb Skee

  50. Cups Of Lean

  51. 465 Featuring Robb Skee Prod. RicAndThadeus
    Abe Linx


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